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The Big Deal $129 for One Room of Interior Painting

Here's the Deal:
  • $129 for one room of interior painting (up to 300 square feet)
  • Deal includes: prepping, spot priming, painting, taping interior surfaces, repair of small holes, labor, and inexpensive supplies like tape and spackle
  • Two coats of paint, one color per room
  • Customer must provide paint, but service provider can pass on discounts if member chooses to purchase through them

The Real Deal: Letting professionals help with interior painting can save you time, trouble, and money. Change up your color scheme and give any room in your home a facelift for less!

The Fine Print
  • Deal must be purchased through Angie's List to be eligible for discount
  • Service area includes: Franklin County
  • Not valid for cash back
  • Deal cannot be combined with other specials or offers
  • Deal cannot be applied to current or past jobs
  • Deal is for residential service only
  • Appointments are to be performed during normal business hours
  • Extra charges will apply to large repairs and skim-coating
  • Wall height restriction = 8 feet, taller ceilings can be done for an additional amount
  • Limit one per household
  • Trim, doors, windows, and ceilings are not included
  • Normal cancellation policies apply
  • Promotional value expires six months from date of purchase; paid value never expires
Angie's List Summary
Mr. Paint
On Angie's List Since: 2012
Current Grade: A rated
Number of Reports: 35
Super Service Award(s): 2014

Contact: Terry Lilly

238 N London St
Mount Sterling OH 43143

Trade License Information:
Not applicable, my trade does not require licensing

Recent Member Report:
"Mr. Lilly arrived at the agreed upon time, and came ready to paint, with all the tools and supplies that he needed.

I liked the fact that he was clean cut, very professional in both his appearance and demeanor. He was also personable, but focused on his task.

When he finished, he didn't dally around, but went on to his next job.

I felt very comfortable having this polite contractor my home, something I can't say for all contractors.

I recommend him highly and plan on having him do more painting in my home.
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