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The Big Deal $189 for Complete Water Heater Refurbishing!

Cabrillo Plumbing, a highly rated service provider on Angie's List, is offering a complete water heater overhaul for only $189! This service normally cost $370, saving Angie’s List members $181!

Why You Need this Deal:
Flushing the water heater to remove sediment is recommended by most major manufacturers to prolong water heater life, maintain safety and increase energy efficiency. And having your plumbing inspected can help you avoid leaks, save water, and prevent malfunctions. Take advantage of this money-saving offer to make sure your plumbing is in good shape.

The Service Includes:
• Drain and flush the tank for better efficiency while reducing sediment build up and clearing lose debris that can destroy your water heater.

• Clean and inspect the gas burner assembly to ensure efficient fuel consumption and safety.

• Replace existing sacrificial anode rod with a new one, to prolong the life of your tank ($40 credit if not accessible or needed).

• Replace existing drain valve with new solid brass ball valve for ease of future maintenance ($20 credit if not accessible or needed).

• Test pressure relief valve for safe and proper operation.

• Inspect the water heater’s vent pipe, drain pan, gas valve, gas line and gas shut-off for proper functioning.

• Check for water leaks, gas leaks and excessive levels of dangerous carbon monoxide.

• Cabrillo Plumbing will credit $189 toward the purchase and installation of a new water heater from Cabrillo if your water heater fails within 1 year of your service.

The Fine Print
  • Not valid for cash back
  • Appointments are to be performed during normal business hours
  • Coupon cannot be applied to current or past jobs
  • Coupon cannot be combined with other specials or offers
  • Coupon is for residential service only
  • One coupon per person/household
  • Normal business hours are Monday – Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm
  • Promotional value expires 6 months from date of purchase. Purchase amount does not expire
Angie's List Summary
Cabrillo Plumbing
On Angie's List Since: 2005
Current Grade: A rated
Number of Reports: 213
Super Service Award(s): 2011, 2010

Contact: Jeff Meehan

78 Dorman Ave
San Francisco CA 94124

Trade License Information:
Yes, I am appropriately licensed for my trade

Recent Member Report:
"This company always does a great job- they are thorough, friendly, knowledgeable and efficient.  They always do quality work, too.
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