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The Big Deal $99 for Gas Log Fireplace Tune-Up, Cleaning & Inspection!

The Bbq Doctors, a highly rated service provider on Angie's List, is offering a Gas Log Fireplace Tune-up, Cleaning and Inspection for only $99! This service is normally priced at $199, saving our members 50%!

This Service Includes:

  • Inspect the fireplace for safe operation
  • Thorough cleaning of all major parts such as the burner system, fire box, gas logs, pilot assembly, thermocouples , burner pan, etc.
  • Thoroughly clean and recondition all glass work
  • If necessary for service access remove all old rocks, sand and vermiculite (embers)
  • Re-install all rocks, sand, vermiculite(embers) and logs. NO MESS guaranteed!

    The Fine Print
    • Not valid for cash back
    • Appointments are to be performed during normal business hours
    • Coupon cannot be applied to current or past jobs
    • Coupon cannot be combined with other specials or offers
    • Coupon is for residential service only
    • No limit on purchase quantity, buy as many as you need to cover multiple gas fireplaces in your home
    • Any additional repair/replacement part requirements identified will be diagnosed and priced for approval prior to initiating further work
    • In some cases a travel fee may apply. Please call Martin at (408) 396-1440 for details and/or questions
    • Promotional value expires 6 months from date of purchase. Purchase amount does not expire
    Angie's List Summary
    The BBQ Doctors
    On Angie's List Since: 2008
    Current Grade: A rated
    Number of Reports: 59
    Super Service Award(s): 2012

    Contact: Martin Gross

    6700 Brem Lane
    Unit 3
    Gilroy CA 95020

    Trade License Information:
    Not applicable, my trade does not require licensing

    Recent Member Report:
    "They were extremely responsive. I received a call the same day I made the purchase.  He advised me what could be repaired and what couldn't. The Fire pit ring had corroded and needed to be replaced, which added to the cost, but he handled purchasing the right replacement and coming back to install it as soon it was available. Overall, It was great experience. He also got one patio heater working that wasn't even part of the requested services (although it took him about a minute, it had frustrated me for lot longer)."
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