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The Big Deal Last Chance - $269 for 6 Man Hours of General Remodeling, Contracting or Handyman Services!

The holidays are upon us, so take advantage of this amazing big deal and knock out those pesky, time-consuming projects that need to be done!

Tight Lines Construction Inc, an "A" rated service provider on Angie's List, is offering up to 6 man hours of contracting labor for only $269! This service is normally valued at $540, saving Angie's List members 50%! Need more than 6 man hours for larger projects? No problem, purchase up to 2 coupons!

Services include:
  • Additions
  • General remodels or repairs
  • Trim and molding
  • Carpentry
  • Closet shelving and organizing
  • Ceramic tile and grout -repair
  • Doors
  • Basement remodels
  • Bathroom remodels
  • Kitchen remodels
  • Drywall - new or repair
  • General home repair or maintenance
  • Painting - exterior or interior
  • French drain systems
  • Job or project close-out
  • And much, much more!

    The Fine Print
    • Not valid for cash back
    • Coupon cannot be combined with other specials or offers
    • Coupon cannot be applied to current or past jobs
    • Coupon is for residential service only
    • Appointments are to be performed during normal business hours
    • Materials supplied by customer or inquire on pricing with service provider
    • Coupon is for labor only and does not include cost of materials
    • Additional work will be done at regular rate of $90 per hour or negotiated and submitted as a bid/quote for approval by customer
    • Does not include supplies
    • Coupon is good for up to 6 hours of service for 1 day (1 man for up to 6 hours or 2 men for 3 hours each, dependant on job)
    • Purchase up to 2 Coupons per member/household
    • Coupon includes plumbing work
    • Coupon includes lite electrical work
    • Promotional value of coupon expires 6 months from date of purchase, but paid value has no expiration
    Angie's List Summary
    Tight Lines Construction Inc
    On Angie's List Since: 2011
    Current Grade: B rated
    Number of Reports: 28


    1124 Mason Drive
    Pacifica CA 94044

    Trade License Information:
    Yes, I am appropriately licensed for my trade

    Recent Member Report:
    "This is my first Angie's list review and I joined in order to make this testimonial.

    New to the SF Peninsula, we did not know who to turn to to wire and complete the trailer and build the loft stairs. A neighbor recommended Marc Carillo and Tight Lines Construction, and after a phone call, Marc arrived the same day to look the problem over. We agreed upon a reasonable price and that's where the good stuff starts.

    The very next day Marc shows up with an electrician. another carpenter and all supplies. The trailer gets wired from our breaker box in about 3-4 hours. Marc and his carpenter buddy build a whole flight of stairs anchored to the wall by mid-afternoon. Now the problems start. We miscalculated the trouble we would have taking the wheels off the trailer and squeezing into the slot we had created against a wall. Marc comes up with an Idea to make support beams rolling on sections of pipe. Marc's can-do attitude helps me borrow a torch from my neighbor to un-freeze some bolts and the undercarriage of the trailer comes off in a jiffy. Marc borrows a floor jack and gets the beams under the trailer and he and his crew help me push the trailer in just right. His carpenter cuts away a wall in the trailer and a door is installed by the end of the day. We throw the electrical switch and voila, I have a two room office with lighting, heat, and air conditioning. Because of the extra work on moving the trailer, Marc has to come back again for the stairs into the trailer but we come to a very reasonable deal for that cost as well.
    Marc and his crew rang all the bells. Polite professional, punctual, knowledgeable with a strong no-BS can do attitude.
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